The Joy of Rain – Appreciating the Journey

Hello lovely reader,

Recently, my husband and I have been traveling cross country on an adventure to visit some family in California. For us, the road trip is over 32 hours and on the trip to California, we usually try to make the ride in two days.

Preparing for the trip, or any trip, I seem to get so stressed out and wound up around the preparations and packing that I get frazzled. I know I’m not the only one out there! Most of us are running around thinking about the trip, at least until we get on the road or in the air. However, this trip was especially stressful for me towards the beginning and I continued to get caught up in the rush to get where we were going and the places we would stop along the way.

Then, we were driving through Mississippi and it began to rain. It down poured for about two hours and it was so bad that my husband, a confident driver in the rain, merged to the right lane and slowed down. Suddenly, I realized that we couldn’t control how fast we reached our destination – it was going to be at least 32 hours and we couldn’t control conditions that could slow us down, nor the fact that we would have to stop for rest. We were already a few states from home and it hit me that there was no sense in stressing out the whole way! Why be a bundle of nervous energy and stress when I could be bundle of relaxation and calm?

When that rain started, I realized that we often get caught up in the excitement of arriving to our destination and forget to actually enjoy the journey and adventure that takes us to our destination.

I found that when I sat back and looked out the window, there were so many things to appreciate. The frosted look of the sun setting on a humid day. The beauty of heavy rain drops on the windshield with the green scenery of passing countryside peeking through. Even thinking about other people’s lives as you see them in the passing cities and cars.

Once I realized these things, the road trip itself became a kind of vacation. My hubby and I played road games, told each other stories, rocked out to good music, ate yummy gas station snacks, laughed continually, and really bonded with each other. In the end….I am excited for the return trip!

Question for you reader: What helps you relax while on a trip? How do you break through the stress and if you aren’t one of us worry warts, how do you keep yourself from stressing in the first place? I’m excited to read your comments!

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I'm a twenty something married college student who enjoys reading, horse back writing, blogging, traveling, crafting, homeopathic medicine, sustainable living, and the outdoors.

One thought on “The Joy of Rain – Appreciating the Journey”

  1. That’s very good. I’m a point A to point B kinda person. My wife tells me I need to enjoy the ride once in awhile. Stop and smell the roses. So now when we go somewhere, I actually enjoy the trip. Same with our spiritual walk. God wants us to enjoy our lives. He blesses us with family and friends that really help us thru our journey. Everywhere we look, we see Gods creation and his gifts to us. We definitely should honor and thank him by enjoying his gifts.


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