About the author


Hello there lovely reader,

My name is Samantha and I am the creator and author of The Eclectic Mrs. Often times when we read information or stories, we wonder about the the person behind the words. Who is the crazy woman talking about her struggles with tea addiction? Or who is giving me advice on ten steps to relaxation?

Well, the woman behind this blog, who hammers away at her keyboard night after night hoping her tales and advise will reach needy eyes, is a young twenty-two year old, married, catholic, full-time college student. I have been in a successful marriage with my husband for almost four years now, and in the midst of becoming adults and making our own way in the world, I have been attending college in order to work towards my dream of becoming a veterinarian.

A few of my favorite things: tea, long books, British tv shows, detective stories, rainy days, the smell of pot roast, cupcakes, rustic cottages, thatched roofs, animals, thrift stores, chunky blankets, crocheting, playing video games (usually with the hubby), horse back riding, traveling, and writing.


Though I currently live in the States and was born in California, I spent most of my childhood living in England. My younger years were full of traveling around Europe with my mom and her saddling business.

I have always had a love for writing, filling notebooks with mystery stories from a young age. I decided to start this blog in hopes of satiating my writing desires and of perhaps, inspiring and encouraging others.

My hopes for this blog are extensive, but fairly simple. Amongst an abundance of articles and posts, I will be posting weekly spiritual reflections, a travel journal, and diary entries.

As I before mentioned, I am catholic. Though this blog is not strictly about the catholic religion, my faith seeps into everything I do, thus, it seems almost impossible to leave it out of a blog that is going to be a major part of my life. I will be posting weekly spiritual reflections (which will be readable to those of all faiths, not strictly catholic), which will contain sets of bible verses that inspired me throughout that week. StockSnap_VRU2C8T6L1

So, If I have not overwhelmed you or scared you away, please feel free to take advantage of all of my blog’s offerings! Thank you for visiting my little slice of the internet!